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Intervention No.5 - Saturday 15th June 2024
at Dukes at Komedia Picturehouse, Brighton

#Noticethistree is a series of interventions about protest and loss across the UK 

Trees are generally felt  to be precious. On the 15th June 2024, we are inviting people to come  together to ‘Notice This Tree’ in our 5th Intervention at

Dukes at Komedia Picturehouse, Brighton.

(You can see what happened in a previous Intervention here)  

The Intervention is in three parts:


Notice a tree at risk, a tree  that has been lost – or simply one you love.

We invite you to walk from a tree of your choice in any way you choose, alone

or with others, to the Dukes at Komedia Picturehouse, Gardner House, 44-47 Gardner St, Brighton BN1 1UN, to reach the cinema at around 4pm.


In the lead up to this event, you are invited to join our WhatsApp group and liaise with people who are organising walks from trees - either arrange to join them on their walk and/or to let others know if you have a tree in mind to notice, and whether you would like them to join your walk.

WhatsApp invite link is here.



At 4pm we meet at the Dukes at Komedia Picturehouse. Here we invite people to contribute to our ever-evolving Mycelium Mundus tapestry, share stories of trees, and listen to a specially created audio work which will play as people enter the auditorium to watch Katy McGahan’s documentary The Happy Man Tree (75mins, 12a, starting at 4.45pm) The central protagonist is a Hackney street tree and the film charts the attempts on the part of the local community to save it from developers. 

Watch the trailer here

Buy tickets to the screening here 


After the screening you are invited to join a reflection about the impact of the loss of mature trees in towns and cities across the UK. Here we ask the question 'Where Now What Next?

We are Mycelium Mundus


Knowingly Weaving our way towards mutual systems of survival


Needling, knotting, knitting


Sprouting intricate noodles of nowness


Spreading spores of intuitive learning and the light touch of deep knowledge

Press Release

#NoticeThisTree:  Intervention No 5 will take place at Dukes at Komedia Picturehouse Cinema Brighton at 4pm on 15th June 

Press release: For Immediate Release

Highlight trees at risk or lost by walking from a tree(s) to the  screening of the documentary ‘The Happy Man Tree’ at the  Dukes at Komedia Picturehouse Cinema on the 15th June 2024. 


#NoticeThisTree imagines a world that is truly connected to the impact of loss and the spectre of extinction. With this in mind we are creating a series of Interventions across the UK in response to this continuing loss – with a special focus on the loss of trees. 

In these Interventions we notice trees - it could be a tree at risk, one that has already been felled, or a tree that we love.  We walk from a tree of our choice to the cinema and connect with others before the screening of The Happy Man Tree documentary (Katy McGahan, 75  mins, 12a).  After the screening we reflect on our experience, and consider the questions ‘Where now? What next?’ and ‘How shall we live going forward

Intervention #5 takes place in Brighton, 4pm on 15th June. People are invited to notice a tree and to walk from their tree to the Dukes at Komedia Picturehouse Cinema,  44 - 47 Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 1UN.

***One confirmed walk will be by members of the campaign to save the Happy Man Tree in Woodberry Down, North London. They will be setting off on Tuesday 11th June  from the Happy Man Tree site, and walking the 70 miles, and/or stretches of it, to the cinema in Brighton. This walk will pass other trees at risk such as the ones in Brockwell Park Brixton London

For more info on this walk see here***

As well as inviting people to walk from a tree to the venue we are also growing a mycelium-inspired tapestry called Mycelium Mundus. At each Intervention people are invited to knit, crochet, sew sections, or write words on a piece of cloth, which are added to the ever-evolving tapestry. Similarly, an ongoing sound piece will be added to at each intervention whereby sounds will be collected from the area around the trees – natural sounds, stories, and the general ambience -  and played in the auditorium as people enter. 

Losing a tree hurts and it’s difficult to avoid the blame game when one you love is at risk, but here we’re more interested in dialogue – a dialogue we surely all need – about how to look after and value our natural environment - and ourselves - in it.  Throughout these interventions we seek insight, compassion and connection with everyone involved in the stories of our trees. 


Connection is key to the Interventions.

After the film screening there will be a reflection in a sharing forum from 6pm to 6.45pm. 

Notes to editors

#noticethistree is brought by members of the community who tried to save a London Plane Tree known as the Happy Man Tree (England’s  tree of the year 2020) Wikipedia article here  Trailer for the film here 

Details of previous interventions (Hackney, Haringey, Nottingham, Plymouth) and Intervention #5 details  

WhatsApp link to join the tree walks and sharing tree information is here 

Contact 07767317382

Instagram:  @notice_this_tree

Facebook:  Notice This Tree 

Twitter: @noticethistree

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Connecting the Trees from North London to Brighton

On Tuesday 11th June at 8am supporters of The Happy Man Tree (Woodland Trust Tree of the Year in 2020) will begin walking 70 miles from the site of Happy Man Tree in Woodberry Down North London to the screening in Brighton of the documentary The Happy Man Tree about the campaign to save the tree from developers Berkeley Homes and Hackney Council. 

Along the way trees will be honoured with a #noticethistree sign, these are trees at risk, ghost trees that have been lost, or trees that are simply loved.  Every day there will be two trees that will be especially highlighted for people to discover and connect with. One in the morning at 8am and one in the evening at 6pm.


You can discover these trees and follow the walk via Whatsapp group, on X/Twitter  NoticeThisTree  @noticethistree, and on Instagram 

We are also looking for media partners such as radio stations who might want to participate in short talks each day at an agreed time, for example 8am each morning. 

You are invited to join the walk at any point for as long or as short as you would like. Please contact 07767317382 if you would like to meet up along the way. 


The walk will finish by meeting up with other walks from trees at 4pm Saturday June 15th at the Dukes at Komedia Picturehouse cinema 44–47 Gardner Street Brighton BN1 1UN.  

The route  of the walk can be seen in Google maps by clicking this link

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