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Intervention No. 2 on 29th February 2024
at Hackney Picturehouse 
almost sold out with 110 people attending

#Noticethistree is a series of interventions about protest and loss across the UK 



Intervention No.2 took place at Hackney Picturehouse cinema, East London. People connected with a tree that had some significance for them - either a tree that's currently under threat, an already felled tree, or a tree that they just felt a connection with - and then walked from that tree/s to the cinema where we shared stories, contributed to the Mycelium Mundus banner, and watched the Happy Man Tree film, directed by Katy McGahan. After the screening we reflected on the question 'what now'

Watch Roll-Call of Trees
performed by @revoltingrosie here

Me giving intro at Hackney-29.jpg


is all about the continuing loss of trees in our local areas


Hackney Picturehouse, 29th Februrary 2024

Trees are generally felt  to be precious. We talk about the importance of saving the Amazon forest. But the numbers of trees being removed, here, in our own city of  London, keep going up. For example:

In one small corner of Hackney around 100 trees have been cut down or are due to be felled as part of the Woodberry Down housing estate  regeneration project phases 3 and 4. So, on the 29th February, we are inviting people to come  together to ‘Notice This Tree’ in our 2nd Intervention. (You can see what happened in the1st Intervention here)  



The invitation is in three parts:


Notice a tree at risk, a tree  that has been lost – or simply one you love.

We invite you to walk from this tree in any way you choose,  alone or

with others,  to the Hackney Town Hall Square Mare Street E8 1ES, to

reach there at 6pm.  Here there will be a public roll-call of trees

that have been recently lost or are at risk. Your tree(s) will join this roll call

and will be read out as part of this counting. Before hand, you are invited to join our WhatsApp group and connect with all the people who are organising walks from trees, to let others know if you have a tree in mind

to notice,  and if you would like them to join your walk. WhatsApp invite link is here.



at 6.45pm we all move to the Picturehouse Cinema, 270

Mare St, London E8 1HE (opposite the square) to watch Katy McGahan’s documentary The Happy Man Tree (75mins, 12a). The central protagonist is one famous Hackney tree and the film charts the attempts on the part of Hackney locals to save it.

Watch the trailer here

Buy tickets to the screening here


What Now? After the screening you are invited to join a reflection about the impact of the loss of so many trees across Hackney and beyond.




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